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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Been Away Awhile

So..what has been going on, that someone would forget to write in their blog for 9 months??

Well..the truth is, I didn't really forget,I was just getting tired. I was finding Network Marketing frusterating, and like so many others, I just wasn't making any money.

Hard to write an upbeat Blog about success when you aren't feeling that way yourself.

But, even though I was getting a bit down - I was by no means ready to give up. I might not have been making all that much in Network Marketing, but I knew I wasn't ready to resolve myself to going back to where I had been. I was definately not going to admit defeat and spend the rest of my natural born life working for someone else. Nope - not gonna happen!!

Then - a series of positive things happened. Two good friends from the past appeared with a great new company that I was really interested in. Partly because I knew it would be fun to work with these two ladies again, and more importantly because I knew they were good business leaders, and had done their research.

So- I jumped on board - and found it the easiest company I had ever worked with. Wow - life was looking up!

THEN - something even more amazing - an opportunity like nothing I had even seen. One that would help me market this business, and even MORE exciting generate my own leads and opt-in list. Finally - I was beginning to feel like the Successful Marketer I KNEW I always had been!!!

Now - I know you have all heard it before- everyone has that "turning point" story...where they finally see the light, turn the corner, or HOLY CRAP actually start making money!! Whatever you may call it- I know it will happen for you too!

The most important thing..remember why you got into this business in the first place and try to get back to that place again. Forget every negative thing that has happened - and every person that has said "NO"...and focus on WHY you want this to work.

And...HOW you are going to make it happen..

To your Success,

Oh- and that great thing I stumbled onto may not be for you, but if you are interested - Click HERE and take a look!