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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Max International's newest Product -vitamins taken through cellular absorption.

Max International continues on their quest to be the most innovative wellness company in the world, and after being at the unveiling of their newest product last weekend in Salt Lake City, I can safely say they are achieving that goal.

Max N-Fuse is an unparalleled breakthrough in vitamin and mineral supplements, using cellular absorption and nanotechnology. Seems complicated, but really all this means is that nano-sized nutrients are being being delivered directly to the cells. This means the maximum amount of vitamins in the mininum amount of time, actually cutting cellular absorption down to one hour rather than 18-36 hours.

The cellular absorption delivers the vitamins to where they are needed most for optimal cell function. Max N-Fuze also povides needed nutrients to further support glutathione production, and also leptin sensitivity.

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