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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Clearwater, Florida: Intouch Marketing, Inc. a leading provider of internet marketing solutions, has launched the next major development in the home business marketplace---The Auto Business Builder. Home business subscribers who belong to Auto Business Builder are aided by an advanced sales system that includes a professional sales force that handle all the sales actions for ABB members. Veteran network marketers are relieved that a system has finally been developed to help the

For decades millions of home business distributors have searched long and hard for a truly hands free turnkey passive income generation opportunity. Many providers have claimed to deliver such a system but upon further review most have always fallen far short. Veteran home business distributors like Laurie Peck have been waiting a long time for this type of system, "I have all my sales activities handled for me which is a huge plus", said Laurie. "This sales system is an amazing time saver and my team of distributors will benefit from it big time!".

Over the last two years Intouch Marketing decided to fulfill the long held dreams of network marketer's world wide. Bob Cefail, President of InTouch Marketing, made a fateful decision about how they would develop the ultimate home business. "I decided that no one had really listened to their prospects", said Cefail. "Most people want to OWN an internet business not be employed by it doing every job".

The Auto Business Builder members also can participate in revenue streams from 12 different home businesses. Finally, the dream of multiple income sources and real revenue diversity is now possible. The Auto Business Builder Joint Venture Exchange has already caused one major home business periodical, The Network Marketing Business Journal, to call Auto Business Builder their vendor of the month in their February issue. To learn more about Auto Business Builder go check out this site

Intouch Marketing is uniquely qualified to develop such a system having generated over one million prospect visits to home business seekers web sites during the past seven years. The company also is considered by many to be a premier developer of internet lead generation sites and is the inventor of the video based mini-web-infomercial web site application. Intouch Marketing by announcing the launch of the Auto Business Builder service hopes to show all home business seekers that they can truly be successful.