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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Success is jumping from failure to failure with Enthusiam

A great Winston Churchill Quote. That is not to say that we are pleased when we fail, but the simple reality is that we do all fail sometimes. The most important thing to learn from that is that you just have to get right back at it, with enthusiasm!

In network marketing there are days that it feels like every person you approach says no, or the one person you thought was really interested in your business turns you down. You can look at this as a failure, or as an important step towards success. The law of averages does not lie! For every one yes, there will be ten no's - the secret is to look at those 10 no's as 10 steps to a YES! And every Yes brings us and our team that much closer to success.

So jump from failure to failure with enthusiam! It will make the days that you get the right
people saying yes that much more fulfilling!

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