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Sunday, August 24, 2008

We are All Networkers.

It is so funny to watch some peoples reaction to the idea of Network Marketing, yet by very definition if we leave our house, we are networking.

Someone told me today, that this was her first time in Network Marketing, but she has been networking all her life. I think that applies to most of us.

Wikipedia describes Networking as "An interconnected system of things or people". Most of us in almost every job we had had, have worked with other people, and we most certainly interact with them everyday. Whether it is the person that pumps our gas, our hairdresser, our children's teachers, or the mailman, we are all connected.

The idea of a large network of people all working toward a common goal, and helping each other along the way appeals to me. Not succeeding until you help others succeed, it seems so much better than the take no prisoners approach of many businesses.

Network marketing might not be for everybody, but it might also be worth investigating.

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